Frenchs Forest Kindergarten

Quality care and an educational programme with a warm, secure environment.

Our aim is to encourage and develop in each child:

- Confidence and curiosity.
- Happiness and honesty within themselves.
- Interest in the physical world around them.
- Love and security.
- Development of mind and body.
- Respect for themselves, others & environment.
- Nurturing independence and identity.
- The knowledge that they are unique and individual and that their special abilities, interests and backgrounds are very important contributions to the community.

- And to provide staff who are highly motivated, loving, caring and qualified to care for your child.

We provide a service which fulfils all the children’s basic needs:

  Tick2   Physical: Development of fine and gross motor skills, exercise,
          good nutrition, sleep and rest periods.
  Tick2   Emotional: Love, security and socialisation.
  Tick2   Psychological: Mental stimulation and education through a
          variety of activities/stimulation of senses.
  Tick2   A safe and happy, loving environment to create a sense of
          belonging and security.
  Tick2   A service to the parents and community which reflects their
          needs e.g. anti-bias curriculum, multicultural programme,
          integration of special needs children.
  Tick2   Activities which help children develop at their own pace as

Frenchs Forest Kindergarten
5 Coster Street
Frenchs Forest  NSW  2086

Tel: 02 9975 6442